Sarah King Gold is a multi-media visual artist, social artist, performer and arts educator. Sarah creates art work intuitively as a means of meditation and subsequent reflection. She seeks collaboration with artists from all disciplinary backgrounds and embraces opportunities to explore other disciplines within her work. She shares her art work as a means of communication and invitation for audience participation into the creative process, as a way to enrich the work and her own experience of the art making process. She plays with fantasy and reality, creating alternate worlds into which she and her audience may enter.

All work is available for sale as original work or in print either framed or unframed.  Requests for commissioned paintings, sculptures or murals are welcomed.

Original work is priced at $12 a unit inch which is calculated by adding the height to the width and multiplying by 12: for example a 10×10 painting would be $240.00 and a 20×20 painting would be $480.

Prints are priced at $100 a piece and printed on archival paper.

Framed prints range from $160-$360 depending on size.